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Our global services are conceptualized and customized to meet the precise need required for each and every business goal.

Data Management

Included in every solution is a complete inspection and analysis of the necessary data needed for your solution. We have additional data sources that are available to supplement your current systems in order to drive your business harder and more efficiently to meet the needs of your customers. Data management includes the decisions of where the information will come from, where will it go and where will it rest. Solutions include local, remote and cloud data solutions.

Eloquent Solutions

We have the passion and energy to visualize, design and deliver your solution like tight fitting gloves around the hands of your business strategies. We understand that no two businesses are the same and each one requires unique and specialized solutions.

Almost Unlimited

We have not served every industry but we have served many and have the expertise to gather the facts necessary to propose the proper solutions for you in your industry. We specialize in several areas of expertise including but not limited to customer relationship management (CRM), database management (DM), database design, customer loyalty, customer rewards, vendor relationships and delivery, electronic data services, and application programming interfaces in various computing environments.


Our current team has a mix of both mature and youthful experience.
This blend allows us to deliver rock-solid and relevant solutions for you and your business.

  • 1996-1998

    Our Humble Beginnings

    A small group of passionate individuals came together in the late 90's believing they could provide superior solutions for businesses with unique requirements. Nobody was meeting that need sufficiently so we set out on our mission. If your business could not solve the problem or find a solution, we would.

  • October 1998

    A Corporation is Born

    We formally came together as a company and started building solutions for companies that were finding it very difficult to obtain developers that could understand their business strategy enough to provide a customized solution that would work. We began saving business owners time and money everyday with our solutions. They were able to serve their customers better. We began to take off.

  • January 1993

    Five Years So Far!

    In 5 years, we learned how easy it was to work with real business people and to listen to them tell us what they needed. We enjoyed every minute at the drawing board, at the keyboard and at the executive board showing what we created and how it would be their solution to streamline their operations making it more efficient to serve their customers. We built systems for companies that managed hotels, airlines, product fulfillment, vendor catalogs, data exchanges, data warehouses, automation, vendor delivery and others.

  • January 2015

    We Still Do!

    We are still building systems like the ones we learned from in the earlier years. Yes, there are new platforms, new buzzwords and new clichés. The work is the same. Tools have changed. We have kept up with our industries and are keeping up with yours.

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With conceptual eloquence, David, Nick and Bennett can design, develop and bring to life the solution you need for your business. Data Concepts Unlimited Inc continues to lead the way in providing friendly and concise business solutions. Whether your infrastructure is in the cloud, on dedicated servers or inhouse, you ought to give us call today.
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